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Here you'll discover what separates us from the rest and how we are outstanding in what we do.


1. From Every Tube Of Seagull Milk We Sell We Donate Part Proceeds Away To A Plastic Pollution Cleanup Organisation

One of the biggest things we hold close to our heart is not only the safety and protection of people... but also the marine environment! With MILLIONS of different plastics in our ocean today killing marine life and damaging ecosystems we want to contribute to a healthier more sustainable future for not only them but us too!


2. You Are Supporting A 15-Year-Old Entrepreneur's Business!

Believe it or not, this whole business concept and product was an idea by Joshua Apitz, a young Australian entrepreneur who hated wearing sunscreen that would make his skin slippery and hurt his eyes. In creating this innovative product, Josh's goal is purely to provide a solution to a gap he saw in the sun-care industry while influencing his generation to pursue their dreams and make them a reality!


3. Our Sun-Care Products Aren't Like Others Out In The Market Place

We've specifically designed Seagull Milk with a unique formulation which provides some really cool features! Our sun-care products are a world first and nothing else quite compares to the innovation behind our 'Non-Slip' formulation.