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Seagull Milk was birthed out of the skin cancer capital of the world in south-east Queensland, from 15 year old entrepreneur Joshua Apitz wanting a less frustrating way to use and apply sunscreen. As a lover of the outdoors he found a frustrating re-occurring problem wearing sunscreen as it would sting his eyes and cause his hands and body to become super slippery and would often refuse to wear it.

However, Josh knew the importance of sun safety all too well as his own father and grandfather had previously been affected by melanoma skin cancer. This caused the young entrepreneur to think outside the box and endeavour to create sun-care products that wouldn’t leave your skin slippery after application, sting the eyes or harm anyone from chemically formulated ingredients!
Our Heart// 

Alongside us helping reduce the effects of skin cancer, we also wanted to help positively help change the marine environment from the devastating effects of plastic pollution. It is currently estimated that over 52 billion plastics are floating around our oceans, killing hundreds of species of marine life and damaging the future sustainability of our planet. For every tube of Seagull Milk we sell part proceeds are donated to an Australian ocean cleanup organisation called 'Take3ForTheSea' which actively cleans our beaches and oceans of plastic pollution, while educating young primary school students around the importance of sustainable living and reducing their footprint on the environment.