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Seagull Milk Eco Cap/Hat
Seagull Milk Eco Cap/Hat
Seagull Milk Eco Cap/Hat
Seagull Milk Eco Cap/Hat

Seagull Milk

Seagull Milk Eco Cap/Hat


Seagull Milk Eco Cap is lightweight, moisture absorbent hat made from 35% Cotton & 100% recycled plastic bottles taken out of our oceans! Our hat is designed to fit to most head sizes, both big and small, while maintaining maximum breath-ability so you can spend less time breaking into a sweat and more time outdoors having fun under the sun!

  • Yarn made with 100% recycled content.
  • One size fits most.
  • Made responsibly. To make a difference.
  • It offsets the need to refine new crude oil.
  • Less energy used to produce.
  • Fabric passed the Repreve Certification Standards.



Feel the difference with

Seagull Milk Non-Slip Sunscreen

Seagull Milk sunscreen is formulated to provide the highest quality broad spectrum protection from the suns ultra violet rays, without the gross smell, stinging eyes and slippery/greasy sunscreen. Made from premium Australian mineral based active ingredients, our sunscreen formulation is completely reef safe, vegan and free from all chemical UV filters like 'Oxybenzone' and 'Octinoxate' keeping your skin protected in the most natural way possible!

Say Hello To Sunscreen That Smells Amazing On Your Skin

Seagull Milk sunscreen is lightly scented with a vanilla fragrance, so you can smell amazing all day long while staying protected from the sun.

Say Hello To Sunscreen That Doesn't Leave Your Body Slippery

Seagull Milk sunscreen has been formulated so that it rubs straight in (similar to a moisturiser) leaving no grease after applied.

Say Hello To Sunscreen That Won't Burn Or Sting Your Eyes

Seagull Milk sunscreen has been designed so that it won't sweat down your face and sting your eyes, rather staying applied to your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seagull Milk Sunscreen

  • What is the active ingredients of Seagull Milk sunscreen?

    The only active ingredients in our sunscreen is 'Zinc Oxide 214mg/g' and 'Phenoxyethanol 9mg/g' (which is a preservative to give the sunscreen a two year shelf life). Zinc Oxide protects the skin from the sun by leaving a layer on top of the skins surface reflecting the UV rays, rather than using chemical formulated ingredients like 'oxybenzone' which are known to absorb the suns rays into the skin.

  • Is Seagull Milk safe to use on my children?

    Yes! We're proud to say that since we use no chemical UV filters or harsh ingredients in our sunscreen, Seagull Milk is suitable to be used on children. Check out the amazing testimonials of mothers who are in love with using our sunscreen on their kids. For babies under 6 months consult medical advice before use.

  • What SPF rating is Seagull Milk Sunscreen?

    Seagull Milk sunscreen has an SPF rating or 'sun protection factor' of SPF50+. In other terms it means that 98% of the suns UV rays are reflected when you wear our sunscreen.

  • What is the expiry date of Seagull Milk Sunscreen?

    Seagull Milk sunscreen has a shelf life of 2 years. You can find the expiry date on the top crimp of your tube.

  • Will Seagull Milk leave my skin with a white film on top of my skin?

    Seagull Milk sunscreen won't leave a white film on top of your skin, unless you either apply too much or haven't rubbed it in properly. Our sunscreen should blend nicely with your skin no matter the skin type/colour.

    NOTE: In dense hairy areas Seagull Milk is more prone to leaving small white films.

  • How long will Seagull Milk keep me protected?

    Seagull Milk will last up to 90 minutes (one and a half hours), however. Be sure to reapply every 2 hours!

  • How much of Seagull Milk do I need to apply?

    Seagull Milk is formulated differently to that of regular sunscreen. You only need to apply a little bit and it will spread a long way. If you seem to have a slight white layer on top of your skin after you've applied, you most likely have applied too much or haven't rubbed it in fully.

  • Is Seagull Milk reef/coral safe?

    Yes, Seagull Milk is reef safe! Our sunscreen uses the active ingredient 'Zinc Oxide' which is a natural alternative than using chemical UV filters like 'oxybenzone' & 'octinoxate' that are found in 70% of sunscreens, and are known to distort and damage coral reefs.

  • Is Seagull Milk suitable for me?

    Everyone looks for different elements to a good sunscreen that is suitable for them, so really its your personal choice. In saying so we've heard many of our customers say that Seagull Milk sunscreen ticks all the boxes for them in terms of protection, and how it performs on their skin since our sunscreen won't sting their eyes, smell super bad or leave their skin slippery. Our customers best describe our sunscreen absorbing in just like a moisturiser. We love using our sunscreen and based off our customers testimonies, we think you will too!

  • How is Seagull Milk vegan when is says 'milk'?

    Seagull Milk sunscreen is a 100% vegan product since we use absolutely no animal by-products in our formula. Although our name is controversial to that statement, we're proud to say our sunscreen uses no animal derived ingredients (like 'bees wax'), or is tested on animals in any way. We think our name is pretty catchy and original if we do say so ourselves!

  • What does it mean if my Seagull Milk turns slightly grey?

    If your Seagull Milk turns slightly grey that is totally normal (it is not 'off' or 'out of date' in any way). Since our formula is different to that of normal sunscreen and contains minimal oils, it is affected by the vanilla fragrance which oxidises the colour to make it slightly grey. This won't affect the formula in any way, how it looks on your skin once applied or its performance in protecting your skin from the sun.