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Reef Safe | Vegan | SPF50+ | Cruelty Free | UV Chemical Free | Australian Made

Everything You Could Possibly Want All In One Sunscreen

Effective safe sunscreen that won't leave your skin slippery, sting your eyes, smell bad or use harsh chemical ingredients.


Say Hello To A Sunscreen That Smells Amazing On Your Skin

Say Hello To A Sunscreen That Doesn't Leave Your Body Slippery

Say Hello To A Sunscreen That Won't Sting Or Burn Your Eyes

we make sunscreen but not as you know it...

Suncare products the way YOU like 'em!

We dunno about you, but sunscreen that leaves our body feeling slippery, smelling really bad and stinging our eyes, is super frustrating to use if you ask us! That's why we created Seagull Milk and started making sunscreen the way people actually like it, without the dangerous nasty ingredients that hurt our bodies and the environment, stinging eyes, gross smell or slippery residue. The simple truth is, when you are passionate about helping people you care about live safer under the sun, you tend to make your products that little bit better.

Our Really Cool Products

Quality Sun Protection

Our products only use premium Australian sourced ingredients and SPF protection, to keep you safe even on the hottest of days.

Family Friendly Formulas

Our innovative sunscreen formula is designed to be suitable for any skin sensitivity and safe for the whole family, smallest to largest.

Healthy And Safe

Our sun-care range is made specifically to keep you safe from the sun in the safest way possible without 'oxybenzone' & 'octinoxate'.

Try Before You Buy

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We're a giving kinda business

Together We're Saving The Ocean

Part proceeds of your order is donated to 'Take3ForTheSea'!

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Suncare trusted by real people who love the outdoors