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Seagull Milk | Premium Australian Sunscreen

Effective safe sunscreen that doesn't sting your eyes, have an awful smell, leave your skin slippery or use harsh chemical ingredients.


Say Hello To Sunscreen That Smells Amazing On Your Skin

Say Hello To Sunscreen That Doesn't Leave Your Body Slippery

Say Hello To Sunscreen That Won't Sting Or Burn Your Eyes

Sunscreen That Doesn't Leave Your Skin Slippery & Won't Sting Your Eyes

We dunno about you, but sunscreen that leaves our body feeling slippery, smelling really bad and stinging our eyes, is super frustrating to use if you ask us! That's why we created Seagull Milk and started making sun-care products the way people actually like them, without the dangerous nasty ingredients, stinging eyes, gross smell or slippery residue. The simple truth is, when you are passionate about helping people you care about live safer, you tend to make your products that little bit better.

Our Really Cool Products

Quality Sun Protection

Our products only use premium Australian sourced ingredients and SPF protection, to keep you safe even on the hottest of days.

Family Friendly Formulas

Our innovative sunscreen formula is designed to be suitable for any skin sensitivity and safe for the whole family, smallest to largest.

Healthy And Safe

Our sun-care range is made specifically to keep you safe from the sun in the safest way possible without 'oxybenzone' & 'octinoxate'.

Everything You Could Possibly Want All In One Sunscreen

Seagull Milk sunscreen uses premium Australian sourced ingredients that are kid friendly, reef safe, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and won't leave your body slippery!

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Safe For Your Skin, The Sea & Everything Inbetween

Our products contain no harmful ingredients that could hurt any of the things that we care about. Thats our promise.

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We Don't Milk Seagulls, Instead We Help Them

Part proceeds of every sunscreen tube we sell is donated to 'Take3ForTheSea', to help clean our beaches from plastic pollution and save marine animals.

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We're A Small Company With A Big Heart To Help People Stay Safe From The Sun

Our own family was once affected by skin cancer, now we're on a mission to help others not go through the same painful process.

Our Story

Customer Testimonials

I've tried natural sunscreens before and Seagull Milk totally surprised me! It was so light and absorbed into my skin effortlessly, leaving no sticky or slippery feel to my skin! My immediate thought was how amazing this product would be under makeup as well (as it felt like nothing at all on my skin)! Highly recommended, it is everything it says it does!

Jodie (Seagull Milk Customer)

I really would highly recommend Seagull Milk sunscreen to everybody who has sensitive skin or allergies to sunscreen. For the past 5 years we have tried all sorts of different sunscreens with my daughter and she has reacted with every single one, until we tried Seagull Milk. Absolutely awesome product, now my whole family can stay protected from the sun. Thanks Seagull Milk!

Sam (Seagull Milk Customer)

Seagull Milk sunscreen is the best thing ever! It smells amazing (just like vanilla), feels amazing and is not greasy at all! I can't believe that this is a sunscreen, as it feels just like a really nice moisturiser that just soaks straight in. I have really pale freckly skin so you can imaging the amount of sunscreens I've tried and this is by far the best... I will be using only this from now on!

Bre (Seagull Milk Customer)

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Listen to the people who we now call our customers who are raving about what our products have done to help them!


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