Heres Our Story

Where it all began...


In 2018, we started developing products for people who loved the sun, but didn't quite love the products they were using to protect themselves from the sun. We saw a problem, and wanted to make a simple, effective range of sun-care products that were hassle free and more importantly designed to keep our friends bodies healthy and happy.


After all, going outside is supposed to be enjoyable, relaxing and an adventure. 


Since then, we've grown a fair bit. We've expanded to other parts of the world, and found thousands of people who love our brand and use our products to help them live a more protected life under the sun.


Our goal has slightly changed over the years, but our fundamental values as a company hasn't. We exist to help people, like you, live healthy and happy under the sun.


We love what we do, and we hope you do too.


#ShineBrighter #SeagullMilk