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'Babies & Toddler' Testimony

I highly recommend this sunscreen! My 14-month-year-old son has very sensitive skin like me, and we tried it on him today. Absolutely no reactions at all! It's not slippery or oily, and also smells amazing putting it on... Thankyou! (Jasmine - New Mother // Reviewed on Seagull Milk Facebook Page)

'Feels just like a moisturiser' Testimony

Seagull Milk is the best thing ever! It smells amazing, feels amazing (no greasy at all)! I can't believe that this is a sunscreen, as it feels just like a really nice moisturiser that just soaks straight in. The best part is I didn't get burnt swimming at the beach. I have really pale freckly skin so you can imaging the amount of sunscreens I've tried and this is by far the best... I will be using only this from now on. (Brea // Reviewed on Seagull Milk Website)


'Athletics & Sporting' Testimony

'Isn't Thick And Greasy Sunscreen' Testimony

I've tried natural sunscreens before and Seagull Milk totally surprised me! It was so light and absorbed into my skin effortlessly, leaving no sticky or slippery feel to my skin! My immediate thought was how amazing this product would be under makeup as well (as it felt like nothing at all on my skin)! Highly recommended, its an absolute winner! (Jodie // Reviewed on Seagull Milk Facebook Page)

I get beat up by the sun five days a week mainly on my face! I was introduced to Seagull Milk by a friend and I wear it happily every day. It's got no harsh smell, isn't slippery or greasy at all and is free from all those toxic ingredients. It also doesn't get all slimy and creamy when you sweat, or get into my eyes and sting them either. I love and am so impressed this product... I have it in my bag everyday! (Adam - Council Worker // Reviewed on Seagull Milk Facebook Page)

'There Is Nothing Else Like It' Testimony

We bought a tube of Seagull Milk from your team to try and we absolutely love it! Grace (14yrs) was a competitive swimmer for 5 years and hates sunscreen, but tried Seagull Milk and this was her response... 'Wow! I hate sunscreen but this stuff is awesome! It smells nice, it feels nice, it isn't gross at all! I AM NEVER USING ANY OTHER SUNSCREEN EVER AGAIN!!!' What a relief for her Mum and I after years of battling with the kids refusing to put sunscreen on! Great job, we're customers for life! We love your product so much we want to sell it to our customers as well! (Shane - Father // Reviewed on Seagull Milk Facebook Page)