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Doin' Our Bit

Did you know the Great Barrier Reef is home to over 3,000 different types of coral, over 1,500 species of fish and holds 6 of the 7 types of marine turtles! One small area in the ocean is called home to thousands of different marine life! Crazy isn't it?


Which is why here at Seagull Milk we are serious about taking action to protect our oceans and all marine life that lives in it. After discovering that millions of plastics are currently floating in our ocean, we thought to ourselves that we wanted to do something about it. Every minute it is estimated that one garbage trucks worth of rubbish is dumped into our ocean, choking, killing and endangering millions of sealife. Plastic bags are often eaten by seaturtles mistaking them for jellyfish, whales suck in hundreds of cigarette butts instead of shrimp, and plastic wrappers break up into small micro-plastic pieces which are later eaten by fish.


That's why Seagull Milk has chosen to donate part proceeds of every tube of sunscreen sold to Take3ForTheSea. Take 3 is an organisational movement that is dedicated to keeping the oceanic environment free of plastic pollution. They not only encourage people to take 3 pieces of plastic every time they go to the beach, but also conduct beach cleanups around Australia while educating primary school students the importance of sustainable living for our future health.

This form of support we give to Take3forthesea, will help take plastics out of Australian oceans and beaches, saving thousands of marine life in the long run.