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Our Values

1. Your Health Is Our Priority

You are the reason we are in business, and nothing makes us more happy than putting a smile on our customers face! We want everyone who uses our products to know that we are fighting to protect their health under the sun, to not only save their skin from aging, but lowering their risk of irreversible sun damage. That's why we do what we do, and are so passionate and grateful for the opportunity to look after the health of our customers who live and love under the sun!


2. Only The Best Ingredients & Materials

We understand that what we use on our body has a direct impact on the way we live life, either in a negative or positive way. That's why we choose to use only the best ingredients in our products, that are healthy for our customers, suiting their needs, but also protecting them from the sun in the best way possible. We choose natural where-ever possible!


3. Supporting A Greater Cause

As a sun-care company we are in business primarily to protect the health of our customers under the sun... but we wanna do more than just that! As the saying goes, 'you only live once', so we're choosing to step it up a little. We want to dream bigger and help contribute to solving other major issues as well. That's why we donate part proceeds of every sale we make to 'Take3ForTheSea' who clean the ocean from plastic pollution, one step closer to a brighter, more sustainable future.

4. Educating For A Better Tomorrow


5. It's Gotta Be Fun





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