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Our Unique Story










Our story began back in 2018 from the mind of 15-year-old entrepreneur, Joshua Apitz. He found an issue with using sunscreen and wanted to make sun-care products the way people actually wanted them: without the stinging eyes, without the gross smell, without the harsh chemical filled ingredients and without the slippery and greasy lotions that never rubbed in.


... so thats exactly what he did! He tested formulas with friends, family and professional athletes to finally find exactly what he was looking for in a sunscreen.


Now at age sixteen, Seagull Milk founder Joshua Apitz holding his prestigious award for being the winner of Australias 'Young Achiever Award for Small Business' in April 2019.


Since then he's embarked on a mission with Seagull Milk to protect and save lives under the sun. Why? Because skin cancer is expected to affect 2 in 3 Australian's before they reach the age of 70. Josh's own family was once affected by skin cancer just when he was a little boy, and now he's helping others not have to go through the same painful process. As a brand it's our responsibility to protect the people we love from skin cancer and we're up for the challenge... plus a little bit of fun along the way.


(P/s When we mean 'a little bit' we mean a lot)