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Make The Switch! Why Mineral Based Sunscreen Is The Best.

by Josh Apitz |

[2 Minute Read]

If you haven't heard already, in recent months products labeled 'sunscreen' have been under intense testing for the toxic and potentially harmful ingredients they contain... and the results that came back will blow your mind!


It doesn't take much to realise that chemicals in any form aren't good for your body... yet a study conducted by 'The Centre of Drug Evaluation and Research' in the United States, discovered that four key ingredients (labled 'OXYBENZONE', 'OCTINOXATE', 'AVOBENZONE' & 'ECAMSULE') which are often found in mainstream sunscreens, were present in the bloodstream at concerning levels, even after 24 hours post application! Yes that's right... potentially harmful chemicals flowing all throughout the bloodstream!


Now if that doesn't sound alarming enough already, numerous other studies have linked those same ingredients found in chemically formulated sunscreens, to potentially cause hormone disruptions to the body, along with a long list of other medical side affects... not to mention they're also known kill and distort coral reefs around the globe too!


(IMAGE: Seagull Milk Non-Slip Sunscreen)


Does this mean we should all stop wearing sunscreen? No not at all! Statistics show that at the current rate over 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer within their lifetime and 2 in 3 Australians will too!


Thankfully not every sunscreen contains these harmful chemicals. There are a large proportion of alternative mineral based sunscreens, like our very own Seagull Milk SPF 50+ Sunscreen that are safe for your body and also have no affect on killing coral reefs. These types of sunscreens only active ingredient is 'ZINC OXIDE' which reflects the suns rays rather than absorbing them like mainstream sunscreens containing chemicals.


Already pacific regions like Hawaii have taken action and banned sunscreens containing ingredients that are known to kill coral reefs, and the island of Palau has even gone as far to implemented fines. The fact is chemically formulated sunscreens are doing much more harm than good for us and the marine environment! Next time you're planning for your outside adventure, make sure you're using a mineral based sunscreen before you start to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!



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