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How To Apply Seagull Milk Sunscreen. 5 Easy Steps!

by Josh Apitz |  | 4 comments

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We're not one to boast, but by now you'd probably know that our sunscreen is pretty different from most others you may have tried before, both to look at as well as to feel. A thick looking, greyish consistency pre application is totally normal for Seagull Milk and nothing to be alarmed about. Some people have been concerned by the colour, however it's totally normal and is caused from the vanilla extract fragrance in our sunscreen formula (which gives it it's amazing smell). Once mixed with the zinc oxide in our sunscreen, it creates the greyish colour. It is not off as some have thought, and it still provides the same SPF protection.


With that in mind, we wanted to share some important tips on how to get the best results and stay protected from UV damage/sunburn using Seagull Milk Sunscreen.


Below we've listed 5 easy steps to follow to ensure you are protected from the sun, use the right amount of sunscreen and get the best from a tube of Seagull Milk. Please ensure you follow the directions on the back of the tube and implement these 5 easy steps. This summer also remember to store your tube somewhere cooler than 30 degrees for best results.


1. Don't Rub Seagull Milk Sunscreen In Your Hands

A lot of sunscreens consist of oils which make them greasy and have a liquid consistency. This often means that most of the time they need to be rubbed in your hands before spreading it over your body. However, with Seagull Milk, the texture is thicker and is much better directly applied to the area you are wanting protection on. TIP 1 - Simply squeeze some sunscreen onto your fingers and then rub directly onto the limb or face you want protected. 


2. A Little Bit Spreads A Long Way

Similar to the first step, when using traditional sunscreen people often pump or squeeze out a lot of sunscreen. With Seagull Milk the application is different. A little amount spreads a long way and will rub in like a moisturiser absorbing into the skin. We recommend that you apply a smaller amount to start and if the coverage isn't right for you apply a bit more. If too much is used right away it may not absorb correctly or give you an even coverage on your skin. However, in saying so your skin shouldn't be ghostly white like a straight zinc would make you, unless you're wanting a thicker coverage. TIP 2 - When you see an very slight white coverage on your skin then you have applied just the right amount for optimum protection. 


3. Make Sure You Apply Sunscreen 20 Minutes Before Going Into Water Or Into Direct Sunlight

This applies to all sunscreens, chemical and mineral. Seagull Milk is a mineral sunscreen which has non nano zinc oxide as the sun barrier ingredient. In simple terms, zinc particles on application stand upright and take approximately 20 min to 'lay' down flat creating a mirror on the surface of the skin which will reflect the UV rays. Until this happens you are not protected from the UV rays and are open to sunburn. TIP 3 - If you apply any sunscreen and go straight into the water or sun without waiting 20 minutes then you need to be aware that you are NOT yet protected from sunburn. 

Please see the cancer council and TGA websites for more about this.


4. Keep Seagull Milk Sunscreen In temperatures under 30 degrees. 

It's a hard one especially when you're at the beach, but try to keep your Seagull Milk sunscreen in a sheltered space (in a bag) and away from direct sunlight or heat. TIP 4 - For optimum results store in a cool dry place.


5. Shake the Tube from Time to Time 

On occasion, like most mineral/natural type sunscreens, if Seagull Milk gets hot or isn't used for a while or stored upright it may need a shake to balance out the formulation again. Occasionally and when opening it could be a bit liquidy at first or appear slightly different in texture. TIP 5 - If this happens, shake the tube for 10 - 15 seconds so the consistency is right again.  


[BONUS] 6. Make Sure You Make The Most Of Your Tube

Remember that our sunscreen is very different from others out there and if friends or family try yours and love it you may have to supervise your tube a bit more than often. They may end up using yours instead of their own so best to write your name on your tube! Trust us... we've heard countless stories of this happening with our customers where family members beg them to use their tube of Seagull Milk sunscreen!

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