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Finding The Right SPF! What's Your Skin Type?

by Josh Apitz |  | 1 comment


If you live in Australia, chances are you've probably got pretty fair skin. That simply means that you have less melanin in your skin than a person with a darker shade - we'll cover that later in the blog!


We all have different skin types and colours that are unique to each and every one of us, so don't be ashamed to show it off! It's important to know what skin type you are so you can not only choose the right SPF rating in sun-care products, but also how much your skin can take on the suns rays without getting too fried.


Like we mentioned before, our skin colours are determined by our skins melanin level. Mela- what? You may be asking. Essentially it's the pigments that give us our hair colour, our skin colour and our eye colour. That's why people commonly with dark skin have darker shades as their eye colour, whereas people with lighter shades of skin have much lighter colours. Anyway enough about that! Essentially the lighter colour skin you are, the much more prone you are to burning quicker under the sun. That's where we come in. SPF or 'Sun Protection Factor' is the rating which the sunscreens are given to display the amount of protection they give against the suns UV rays. Below is the percentage amount that SPF rating protects you from the sun:




SPF 15 - An SPF 15 sunscreen blocks approximately 93% of the suns UVB rays


SPF 30 - An SPF 30 sunscreen blocks approximately 97% of the suns UVB rays


SPF 50+ - An SPF 50+ sunscreen blocks approximately 98% of the suns UVB rays


(There are ratings that go higher than SPF50+ but you get the point, the higher the rating the more protection you're getting)


What SPF You Need For Your Skin Type

Most people generally look for an SPF50+ sunscreen since it has one of the highest ratings of protection, and they are correct in that sense. For people with sensitive skin, or who would classify themselves as 'white' or 'pale' skin, SPF50+ this is the best option for them. For people with 'caramel' and 'olive' skin, SPF50+ is recommended, however, this skin type can handle the suns intense rays a lot better than 'white' skin, so SPF30 also works well. For super brown people with 'chocolate' or 'very dark skin' SPF50+ is still available, but like people with caramel skin, this skin type can handle the suns rays a lot longer than a person with 'white' skin. It all comes back to personal preference on what you prefer, it can't hurt to have the added protection against the suns UV rays with any skin type.


Just remember, although you may have a higher SPF rating on your sunscreen it doesn't mean you have a suit of armour, you still need to be sun smart and reapply.

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