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5 Simple Steps | Preventing Sunburn

by Josh Apitz |


Lets be honest, sunburn sucks! It stings, it sure as heck hurts, you can't sit properly, you can't sleep properly and all you wanna do it take a cold shower. You might want that golden brown glow for summer, but is it really worth the health risks it poses?


Right now statistics in Australia are predicting that 2 in ever 3 Australians will suffer from skin cancer before the age of 70! Now if you ask us, that is CRAZY! As a Queensland run business, we are located in what is called the skin cancer capital of the world. Why is that you may ask? It's because Australians are predominately of 'white' or 'olive' skin which are the skin types that are most sensitive to the suns UV rays. We all know the saying all too well:


'There's Nothing Healthy About A Tan!'


If you didn't know already our own family was affected by skin cancer so that's one of the main reasons we decided to create Seagull Milk, that's why we're so passionate about this topic and the ways people can reduce their risk of suffering as well.


5 Steps You Can Take To Reduce Your Chance Of Getting Sunburnt (made by us)


1. We know it's a hard one, but try to stay out of direct sunlight between 11am - 3pm especially in the hot summer months. This is when the sun is at its strongest peak of the day in terms of UV intensity.


2. Don't forget to reapply to those easily missed places on the body such as ears, shoulders, upper back, hands & feet. (Also try to minimise rubbing your face after application as the sunscreen can come off.)


3. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, especially after sweating, toweling or swimming.


4. This is an important one, for sunscreen to work correctly you need to apply at least 20 minutes before exposure to the suns rays. This is so it has time to sink in and stay on your skin.


5. In every opportunity you get, if you want added sun protection use broad brim hats, long sleeve shirts, beach umbrellas, sunnies (don't forget your eyes), tinted zinc and remember to seek shade.


If you forget about these tips, just remember that the shade is your friend and that your skin will be thanking us in years to come if you choose to protect it.

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